Chapter Zero: Before it Began

Plebe year went really well except for the whole grades thing. Triathlon saved my sanity and kept me going. I finished the second semester with an entire new family of teammates and friends that I can’t wait to get back to, and a year’s worth of memories that I’m never going to forget (even if some would be better off forgotten). After a crazy weekend of fun at the lake that brought together a handful of my teammates, my family, and a bunch of friends from home, I took the accelerated Survival Swimming course. Kevin and I were thankfully unsuccessful in our attempts to drown each other. Then it was straight to Air Assault, which was a fun challenge. By the end, something felt a little bit off. I had to stop running during the 12 mile ruck because something felt weird, but honestly, I was probably just dehydrated. Even though I finished with a good amount of time left I still wasn’t happy with my time (especially when Kevin beat it by 30 minutes a few weeks later). Three days later we found out something else was wrong.

IMG_2328 IMG_2346 IMG_2365 IMG_2390 IMG_2414 IMG_2420 IMG_2441 IMG_2444 IMG_2480 IMG_2483 IMG_2488 IMG_2514 IMG_2567 IMG_2637 IMG_2641 IMG_2666 IMG_2772 IMG_2840 IMG_2852 IMG_2975 IMG_2985 IMG_2991 IMG_2992 IMG_3014 IMG_3020 IMG_3037 IMG_3061 IMG_3124 IMG_3127 IMG_3132 IMG_3155 IMG_3170 IMG_3172 IMG_3180 IMG_3189 IMG_3205 IMG_3361 IMG_3428 IMG_3446 IMG_3496 IMG_3508 IMG_3510 IMG_3515 IMG_3542 IMG_3551 IMG_3555 IMG_2272 IMG_2251 IMG_2243 IMG_2219 IMG_2137 IMG_2136 IMG_2057

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