Chapter Four: Cancer Free and the Future

The week 23 PET scan came back clear. That means that there’s no tumors or infected organs in my body. Obviously, that’s awesome – it’s all gone now! I still have 13 more chemo days over the next 24 weeks, because microscopic cancer cells may still exist in the far corners of my body so we’re gonna kill ’em extra good.

What’s next? More challenging classes this semester, for starters: one at Duke, one at the Business School,  one at the Journalism School, and then another course on campus. I’m also living with one of my best friends from high school, which will be its own interesting challenge (just kidding, Chris). I’m excited to get back to training and working out and hopefully I will be able to join ROTC regularly to get into the swing of military things again. Fort Bragg is just a bit away and I hope to take advantage of opportunities available there as much as I can. Skydiving has been pretty fun and I can’t wait to finish up the requirements for my A-license and jump regularly.

I have until August 1st to heal up and get back to my Rockbound Highland Home – and I’m going to fill every single day until then with opportunities that I simply would not have otherwise. I can’t wait to go back… but I have a lot left to do here in Chapel Hill first.

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